You’ve Got to Get up and Try Try Try

its interesting to sit here and think that i am heart broken. really, it is my fault. i was the one who wished that he would fall for me and when he finally did, i was the one who complained. this isnt the first time and it may not be the lat time. but i am willing to try to make my life better than it was.

He told me that he loved me over and over again, and yet now where is he? he claims we are still friends but he dates this Emm girl now. I say i am okay over and over agian. and maybe i will be one day but i’m not okay now. he hurt me. he hurt me bad. she hurt me too. who asks a girl about if its okay if they date someone you are still not over??? did she really think that i would tell her that it wasnt okay? and what kind of person would i be if i said that it wasnt? I love him.

I think that I need a break from this crowd. its not cool for me to hang around a group of people who keep on hurting me. whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual, i dont need this from anyone. especially from him.

Good night, I will be taking a break from you Dee.


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